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      Alvin Quan: If only I could be a tiny and yet strong nail, to strengthen the bridge that connects us and the world

      Graduated in 2006, co-founder of Renewed Translation for Science and Arts Networking Society (RTSANS). Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Pacific and Asian Studies, University of Victoria, Canada, recently living in Beijing.

      Alvin graduated from Maple Leaf in 2006 and went to the University of Victoria to study Sociology and Pacific and Asian Studies. After getting his bachelor’s, he returned to Maple Leaf. He served successively as  Assistant to the BC Principal, Teacher on Call (TOC) and Assistant to VP Marketing and Development. He is good at singing, composing and piano playing. He directed several events, such as the Maple Leaf Educational Systems’ Christmas and New Year Gala. He speaks Mandarin Chinese, English and Korean, and is particularly interested in comparative histories of China and Korea. In 2014, along with his friends he co-founded the RTSANS. In 2015, he founded Maple Avant, a group of Maple Leaf Alumni who are devoted to help Maple Leaf students to prepare for their future studies in their higher education abroad. He is recently admitted to the Master of Arts program in Graduate School of Arts and Science at Columbia University, and will relocate himself to New York in this coming fall.